MAFP Past Presidents

In June 1948, the Michigan Academy of General Practice was chartered as a Constituent Chapter of the American Academy of General Practice. To more accurately reflect the changing nature of primary health care, the national academy become the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) in 1971. The Constituent Chapters followed suit, and our organization become known as the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians (MAFP). In September 1990, MAFP was granted 501(c)(6) status by the Internal Revenue Service and was incorporated as a Michigan nonprofit corporation.

Since 1948, MAFP has been led by an outstanding roster of family physicians who have dedicated their time and talent to advance family medicine in Michigan. We thank these individuals for their service to the MAFP.

Past Presidents

2014-2015 Tina L. Tanner, MD
2013-2014 Fred J. Van Alstine, MD, MBA
2012-2013 E. Christopher Bush, MD, FAAFP
2011-2012 Peter Graham, MD
2010-2011 Jennifer R. Aloff, MD, FAAFP
2009-2010 David T. Walsworth, MD, FAAFP
2008-2009 Angelo N. Patsalis, MD, FAAFP
2007-2008 Robert E. Reneker, Jr., MD, FAAFP
2006-2007 Lynn S. Gray, MD, MPH, FAAFP
2005-2006 Peter Scuccimarri, MD
2004-2005 Douglas L. Colberg, MD, FAAFP
2003-2004 Danny D. Greig, MD, FAAFP
2002-2003 James A. Applegate, MD, FAAFP
2001-2002 Douglas Jackson, MD**
2000-2001 Edward A. Jackson, MD, FAAFP
1999-2000 Karen B. Mitchell, MD, FAAFP
1998-1999 Larry Carr, DO
1997-1998 Mary Elizabeth Roth, MD, FACPE
1996-1997 Archie Bedell, MD, PhD**
1995-1996 William P. Gifford, MD
1994-1995 Timothy J. Tobolic, MD
1993-1994 Michael L. Szymanski, MD
1992-1993 Bruce R. Deschere, MD
1991-1992 John M. Battle, MD**
1990-1991 Louis E. Sanford, MD**
1989-1990 Larry S. Kelly, MD, FAAFP
1988-1989 James F. Shetlar, MD, FAAFP
1987-1988 Gary R. Gazella, MD, FAAFP
1986-1987 L. Edmond Eary, Jr., MD, FAAFP
1985-1986 B.J. Woodley, MD**
1984-1985 C. Edward Cotton, MD
1983-1984 William W. Allen, MD, FAAFP
1982-1983 Harold F. Kendrick, MD**
1981-1982 John W. MacKenzie, Jr., MD, FAAFP
1980-1981 Gary E. Ruoff, MD, FAAFP
1979-1980 Donald E. DeWitt, MD**
1978-1979 Gordon W. Willoughby, MD**
1977-1978 Charles R. Zimont, MD, FAAFP
1976-1977 George A. Dean, MD, FAAFP
1975-1976 Robert W. Oakes, MD, FAAFP
1974-1975 Cecelia F. Hissong, MD, FAAFP
1973-1974 Louis R. Zako, MD
1972-1973 Robert L. Vitu, MD**
1971-1972 Joseph Fisher, MD**
1970-1971 James F. Dooley, MD**
1969-1970 Douglass A. Haddock, MD**
1968-1969 Lee E. Feldkamp, MD
1967-1968 J. Leonides Leach, MD
1966-1967 Edgar Cochrane, MD**
1964-1966 Fred Brace, MD**
1963-1964 Lyle Korum, MD**
1962-1963 Leighton Shantz, MD**
1961-1962 Howard Robinson, MD**
1960-1961 C. Howard Ross, MD**
1959-1960 Howard C. Rees, MD**
1958-1959 Clark W. Rover, MD**
1957-1958 Francis P. Rhoades, MD**
1956-1957 John W. Rice, MD**
1955-1956 Russell F. Fenton, MD**
1954-1955 Kenneth Toothaker, MD**
1953-1954 Karl Swift, MD**
1952-1953 Frederick E. Luger, MD**
1951-1952 E. Clarkston Long, MD**
1950-1951 John R. Failing, MD**
1949-1950 Leslie T. Henderson, MD**
1948-1949 Milner S. Ballard, MD**
1948 Arch Walls, MD**