Exhibitor, Underwriting and Advertising Opportunities

We at the MAFP Foundation are pleased to offer a variety of opportunities for exhibitors, underwriting, and advertising at events with Family Physicians. If you would like to take advantage of exhibiting and underwriting opportunities, please see the 'exhibitor' section in each individual event at To advertise with the Foundation, see the Advertising Opportunities page or contact MAFP Headquarters for a current list of opportunities.

Exhibit Rules & Regulations

Exhibit Rules & Regulations are an integral part of the Exhibitor Form to ensure all exhibitors are given equal opportunity to promote their organization. Failure to comply with these Rules & Regulations may result in the removal of the exhibit or exclusion from future conferences. The MAFP Foundation reserves the right to interpret these and make the final decision on all aspects the Rules & Regulations do not cover. Please contact MAFP Headquarters at or 517.347.0098 if you have any questions or concerns. To download a pdf of the Rules & Regulations, click here.

Assignment of Space & Set-Up/Breakdown

Space assignments will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. The MAFP Foundation reserves the right to make changes in assignments at any time. The MAFP Foundation requires all exhibitors remain set-up throughout expo hall hours and may not dismantle or begin packing up materials and/or displays before the end of designated exhibit hours. Failure to comply with this rule may jeopardize participation in future conferences. Space not claimed at the official start of the conference may be forfeited and reassigned.

Use of Exhibit Space

No exhibitor may reassign or sublet any portion of their exhibit space to another exhibitor without written permission of the MAFP Foundation. The rights and privileges of any demonstrations, distribution of literature, or samples, etc., must be made inside the exhibitor’s assigned space. Canvassing outside the booth is forbidden. The use of audio/visual, other special effects equipment or any other materials may not obstruct, or otherwise interfere with adjacent booths.

Payment & Cancellation

Full payment is due with the completed application to secure exhibit space. All cancellation requests must be received in writing by said cancellation date in order to receive a refund. An administrative fee of $50 will be deducted from any and all cancellations. The MAFP Foundation reserves the right to cancel or relocate the event. If the MAFP Foundation cancels or relocates the event due to circumstances within its control, the liability of the MAFP Foundation shall be limited to a refund of payment paid by the exhibitor. In the event that the MAFP Foundation has no control over the cancellation or relocation of the event, the MAFP Foundation has no liability of any kind, but may, in its discretion, refund any payments paid by the exhibitor.

Rejection of Application

The MAFP Foundation reserves the right to cancel or refuse rental of display space to any person or company whose conduct or display of goods is, in the opinion of the MAFP Foundation Professional Development Committee, to be incompatible with the general character and objectives of the conference.

Exhibit Access

Exhibitors are allowed up to two representatives per space. Additional badges may be purchased at a fee which is equivalent to food expenditures per person. One company representative must be present at the exhibit space at all times during show hours.

Insurance & Liability

Exhibitors must insure their products at their own expense. The MAFP Foundation does not assume any liability for loss or damage to any equipment or supplies displayed at the exhibition. The MAFP Foundation does not assume any responsibility for the protection or safety of the exhibitor, its official agents, or employees. The MAFP Foundation does not assume responsibility for the protection of property of the exhibitor, their representation, or the property used in connection with the exhibit from theft, damage, or destruction. Small or easily portable articles must be properly secured or removed after exhibit hours. The exhibitor agrees to hold the MAFP Foundation harmless from all such claims of liability of any kind arising from the activities of the exhibitors, its representatives, or from the display or use of property of the exhibitor. The MAFP Foundation will not be liable to the exhibitor for failure to provide space to an exhibitor if non-delivery is due to destruction to the building or the exhibit space. Litigation arising from the infringement of copyrights, trademarks, or patents, or for music licensing or royalty fees are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.