Resident Leadership Opportunities

There are a variety of ways for residents to make an impact in Family Medicine at both the state and national level. Watch for announcements of upcoming leadership opportunities in the weekly e-News (Family Medicine Update) and the quarterly magazine (Michigan Family Physician).

MAFP Opportunities

MAFP Board of Directors

Annually, the MAFP seeks interested residents to serve a one-year term on the MAFP Board of Directors. As a Resident Chair, your voice represents the resident membership throughout the state. A Call for Nominations to the MAFP Board of Directors is released in December and due to MAFP Headquarters in early spring. The Board meets four times per year at MAFP Headquarters in Okemos.

MAFP Foundation Board of Trustees

The MAFP Foundation Board seeks a resident trustee to serve a one-year renewable term as a Trustee annually. The Call for Nominations is released in December and due in the late spring. The Foundation Board of Trustees meets approximately three times per year at MAFP Headquarters in Okemos.

MAFP Committees

Annually, the MAFP President appoints members to each of the committees. Time commitments vary depending on the committee. Involvement in a committee is one of the best ways to move up in a leadership position and be considered for scholarships and other funding opportunities.

Delegate/Alternate Delegate to the National Congress

Each year the MAFP Foundation selects one resident to serve as a Chapter Delegate and one resident to serve as a Chapter Alternate Delegate to the National Congress of Family Medicine Residents, held in conjunction with the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Family Medicine residents interested in being considered to serve as a 2016 Chapter Delegate/Alternate Delegate should submit an online application to MAFP Headquarters no later than April 8, 2016. Funding assistance is provided in the form of a scholarship to the selected Delegate/Alternate Delegate to be used towards travel and lodging expenses at the National Conference.

AAFP Opportunities

The American Academy of Family Physicians highly values the contributions of Family Medicine residents and medical students and recognizes the importance of training future leaders within the specialty. It is one of the few specialty organizations to actively enlist resident and student members in leadership roles.

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