Family Medicine Interest Groups

Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs) are an excellent resource for students interested in exploring Family Medicine in an informal, yet educational (and fun!) setting. FMIGs provide programming and information that may not be offered in the medical school curriculum. Medical students can learn about the history of Family Medicine and its future, and be exposed to a wide range of clinical skills and procedures important to Family Physicians.

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Funding Sources

MAFP Foundation FMIG Funding Initiative

The MAFP Foundation invites Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs) in Michigan to apply for grant funding for the upcoming academic year. The funding is intended to support your FMIG's activities and efforts to increase student interest in Family Medicine in Michigan.

To be considered for funding from the MAFP Foundation, your FMIG must complete the online application no later than April 15.

Should your FMIG be awarded funding, you will be required to complete a final report no later than April 15 of the academic year for which your FMIG received funding, along with photos, promotional materials, news releases and other materials showcasing the events that your FMIG hosted throughout the year for which Foundation funding was utilized.

If you have any questions, please contact MAFP Headquarters at 517.347.0098.

AAFP FMIG Funding Initiative

Family Medicine Interest Groups at all U.S. allopathic medical schools and branch campuses are eligible for a $600 grant from the AAFP and the AAFP Foundation to put toward their group's operation in whatever way they see fit. The purpose of the program is to provide crucial funding to FMIGs to work on the front lines at their colleges and enhance student interest in family medicine.

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AAFP FMIG Student Membership Program

FMIGs build awareness of family medicine and communicate the benefits of Academy membership ... why not be rewarded for your efforts? The AAFP FMIG Student Membership Program provides financial incentives for increasing AAFP and MAFP membership on your campus. For eligibility requirements and the exact incentives waiting for your FMIG, select the link below. FMIGs must designate a Student Membership Coordinator and register that individual with AAFP to receive incentives. The Student Membership Coordinator will also receive an incentive each time their FMIG earns an incentive.

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