Benefits of Having a Family Physician Recognized During Family Medicine Week


This week, February 21-27, 2016, is being recognized by Governor Rick Snyder, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians, and the Michigan Association of Osteopathic Family Physicians as Family Medicine Week in Michigan.

The weeklong observance highlights Family Physicians’ dedication to providing high quality care to residents across the state to help them maintain health and wellness, and to reduce costs to the healthcare system. Research shows that adults and children with a Family Physician as their regular source of care have lower annual costs of care, visit the doctor less, are prescribed fewer medications and report less difficulty accessing care.

“Having a family doctor is good for the health of individuals, families and communities,” said Dr. Eden Wells, Chief Medical Executive, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. “Visiting your Family Physician for regular check-ups can help you stay healthy and prevent illness. If you do get sick, your family doctor can help you get healthy or provide the best referrals when another specialist’s care is needed, and he/she can also be your partner in managing a chronic, long-term illness, such as diabetes, heart disease, or asthma. Plus, Family Physicians are integrated into their communities, making them a valuable conduit for connecting individuals with local health and social services.”

The Michigan Academy of Family Physicians and the Michigan Association of Osteopathic Family Physicians collectively represent more than 5,000 Family Physicians, Family Medicine residents and medical students statewide. Together they are hosting Michigan Family Medicine Advocacy Day in Lansing on February 23 to provide an opportunity for Family Medicine advocates from across the state to discuss legislative and policy issues impacting the specialty and access to healthcare for Michiganders.

Click here to read Governor Snyder’s Family Medicine Week proclamation.