BREAKING NEWS: Michigan Selected to Host ‘Health is Primary’ City Tour in Fall 2015


Family Medicine for America's Health—the largest campaign ever launched to create awareness and support for the value of Family Physicians in improving the health of Americans through Primary Care—has just announced selected locations for the Health is Primary 2015 City Tour. Detroit has been chosen one of the five sites for the initial launch, which kicks off in Raleigh, NC in February 2015, followed by Seattle in March, Chicago in May, Denver in September, and Detroit in October.

The more than $20 million campaign will travel to cities across the U.S. to showcase examples of where and how true primary care works. In each city, the campaign will host a panel discussion in coordination with AAFP state and local chapters to bring together local stakeholders–employers, policymakers and health advocates–to look at community level interventions that are enhancing and improving primary care. Year one will be a pilot year, with the goal of expanding to a broader set of cities in future years of the campaign.  

“MAFP has been working diligently with AAFP to consider Detroit and the Southeast Michigan corridor as part of the inaugural Health is Primary City Tour,” said MAFP Chief Executive Officer Debra McGuire, MBA, IOM, CAE. “This is exciting news for both Family Physicians and our state!”

“On behalf of our Board, membership and staff, the Michigan Academy and MAFP Foundation are delighted to accept this opportunity to showcase Family Medicine in Michigan and spotlight one of our cities where people are coming together to reinvent a healthier community,” she stated.

Stay tuned for more information about the campaign as it rolls out next year. In the meantime, if you are aware of an innovative primary care model, or have a story to share in regard to making a difference in improving the health of the community in or around the metro Detroit-area, please contact Luis Delgado at (517) 347-0098 or