MAFP Seeking Resident & Student Applicants Interested in Representing Michigan at National Congress: Deadline to Apply is April 8


Each year, the MAFP Foundation selects two Family Medicine residents and two medical students to represent Michigan as Delegates/Alternate Delegates to the National Congress. The Congress convenes during the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents & Medical Students, which is taking place July 28-30 this year in Kansas City, Missouri. The Foundation also provides funding assistance to the selected Delegates/Alternate Delegates in the form of a scholarship to be used towards travel and lodging expenses at National Conference.

Why is serving in this capacity such a rewarding experience?

Elizabeth Pionk, DO, PGY-2, 2015 Resident Delegate: "The unique opportunity to participate in the Congress of Delegates allowed me to vote for incoming national officers and positions, as well as vote on resolutions submitted by my fellow peers and Reference Committee to be forwarded to the AAFP Delegation as recommendations. The gracious scholarship from the MAFP Foundation offered me an opportunity for learning, connecting, sharing, and camaraderie that I would have never experienced. This unique opportunity has truly shaped my residency experience and will have a lasting impact on my practice of medicine." 

Phillip So, MPH, 2015 Student Delegate: "It was a great honor to serve as Michigan's Student Delegate to the AAFP National Conference last year. I had the chance to see an entirely different side of the National Conference. In addition to the residency fair, students and residents in the Congress represent the interests of their states among their peers. They discuss important initiatives with leaders in Family Medicine, draft and vote on resolutions, and elect national leaders. I enjoyed the experience immensely and appreciated the generous support from the MAFP Foundation that allowed me to get more involved in the AAFP."

Olivia Bolen, 2015 Student Alternate Delegate: "Attending the 2015 AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students as the Michigan Alternate Delegate was such an honor. To be involved in the Student Congress and take part in advancing student involvement within the academy was very exciting. It allowed me to not only get a better understanding of the academy as a whole, but also to learn how students all around the U.S. can work together to raise awareness on issues that concern our future practice, and work together to pursue changes in those areas. The National Conference is truly an amazing time, and being a representative of Michigan while there makes the experience all the more rewarding!"

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