MAFP Summit Brings Together Seven Medical Schools to Increase Interest in Family Medicine


On Saturday, April 18, student leaders and faculty from seven medical schools across the state met at MAFP Headquarters to discuss the role Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIGs) play in shaping the future of Family Medicine.

The 2015 Michigan FMIG Leadership Summit, which ran 10 a.m.–3:30 p.m. Saturday at MAFP Headquarters, brought together medical school leaders from eight programs, plus staff from AAFP and MAFP; including special guests Ashley Bentley, AAFP student interest strategist, and Tricia Minton, M3 at the University of Cincinnati and FMIG network region 3 coordinator.

MAFP CEO Debra McGuire (right) greets participants.Dr. Margit Chadwell (Detroit), who serves on the MAFP Board of Directors as well as the student/resident education committee responsible for planning the event said, “I am very happy with how this summit meeting turned out today; we have some great ideas on the table and I am excited to see where MAFP efforts with FMIGs can go in the future.”

The event began with an overview of MAFP and welcome from MAFP Chief Executive Officer Debra McGuire. Followed by a ‘get-to-know you’ game where attendees shared what excites them and what scares them about Family Medicine, this got the conversation rolling and made introductions casual. The game demonstrated that many of the participants shared the same passions and fears.

Next participants heard trends and statistics of students in Family Medicine from Minton, which enabled everyone to gain an in-depth look at the impact FMIGs have in their region. She also shared insight on her experience building an FMIG from the ground up.

Students from five medical schools attended.“This meeting was a great way to examine different FMIG strategies from Ohio’s neighbor,” said Minton. “I love getting the chance to share stories about success and hardship experienced by other FMIGs.”

MAFP Director of Communications, Matt Hund, and MAFP Director of Education, Kristen Taylor, then took the lead to go over strategies and tips to promote, plan, AAFP Student Interest Strategist Ashley Bentley delivered the keynote.and run a successful FMIG.

The keynote was presented by Bentley who focused on the importance of students in Family Medicine. Concentrating on how students are the future of Family Medicine, and why it is important to get them involved now, Bentley put emphasis on the goals of FMIGs, recruitment best practices, and other student information during her presentation.

Having AAFP represented at this meeting was invaluable for those in attendance, and Bentley was thrilled to have questions come her way.

Faculty from seven different programs gathered for the event.“Having the opportunity to speak on behalf of AAFP and engage with student leaders from around the state was the highlight for me,” said Bentley. “Meeting with MAFP members, students and faculty, was a great learning experience for all and I am so encouraged to see what they are doing.”

The noon break allowed some down-time to grab sandwiches, salad, and soup while networking with fellow attendees. As lunch wrapped up, faculty advisors went into a separate targeted meeting while student leaders stayed with Bentley and Minton to discuss challenges FMIGs face, and how to best utilize all available resources.

The event concluded with everyone coming together in small groups to discuss and expand on the ideas brought forth from the meeting. Participants were pleased with the content covered in the meeting, and gave excellent reviews of the speakers, style and turnout for the event.

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Special Thank You to Our Participants & Guests

  • Ashley Bentley, AAFP Student Interest Strategist, Kansas City (MO)
  • Tricia Minton, University of Cincinnati M3 & FMIG network region 3 coordinator, Cincinnati (OH)
  • Olivia Bollen, Central Michigan University FMIG student leader, Mt. Pleasant
  • Dr. John Cavacece, Michigan State University FMIG advisor, Grand Rapids
  • Dr. Margit Chadwell, Wayne State University FMIG advisor & MAFP committee member, Detroit
  • Dr. Ryan Curran, Michigan State University FMIG advisor, Marquette
  • Lisa Daum, Wayne State University FMIG student leader, Detroit
  • Katie De La Rosa, University of Michigan FMIG student leader, Ann Arbor
  • Dan Oram, Michigan State University FMIG student leader, Marquette
  • Dr. Liz Palmer, Central Michigan University FMIG advisor, Mt. Pleasant
  • Dr. Julie Phillips, Michigan State Univeristy FMIG advisor & MAFP committee member, East Lansing
  • Dr. Jim Rosbolt, Oakland University William Beaumont FMIG advisor, St. Clair Shores
  • Phillip So, Wayne State University medical student & MAFP committee member, Detroit
  • Dr. Kristi Vanderkolk, Western Michigan University FMIG advisor, Kalamazoo

Best Practices Take-Away for FMIGs

The following documents were collected and created for FMIG student and faculty leaders by AAFP and MAFP staff. Please feel free to use these and/or update them to meet the needs of your specific program(s).