MDHHS Supports Physician Efforts to Improve Immunization Service Delivery & Rates

Although vaccine-preventable diseases are at their lowest point ever, variations in coverage levels exist in all age groups, and pockets of under-immunized populations can be found in many urban and rural areas, particularly in those below the poverty level. To help improve immunization service delivery across the state, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services' (MDHHS) Division of Immunization assists physicians and other healthcare professionals implement the AFIX approach. This approach incorporates four elements:

  • Assessment of the healthcare provider's vaccination coverage levels and immunization practices
  • Feedback of the results to the provider, along with recommended strategies to improve processes, immunization practices and coverage levels
  • Incentives to recognize and reward improved performance
  • eXchange of healthcare information and resources necessary to facilitate improvement

AFIX reports are now available to Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) users at physicians offices that have patients 0-18 years old. These reports contain information that can assist practices with increasing vaccination of pediatric and adolescent patients. To assist users in generating, interpreting and using AFIX reports, the Division of Immunization is hosting training webinars on May 16 (8:30-10 a.m.) and May 20 (12:30-2 p.m.). They will also share immunization coverage levels; discuss strategies, activities and resources to assist in efforts to increase timely administration of ACIP recommended vaccines for your patients; and address parent hesitancy and refusal of vaccines.

There is no pre-registration for these webinars. At the time of the webinar, log in to the Adobe Connect connection (computers must have Flash Player 10.2 or higher) and call 1-877-873-8018 passcode 374-3873. If these webinar dates and times are not convenient for your practice, please contact Stephanie Sanchez at or click here to schedule an AFIX webinar for your practice or for your organization.

2016 Immunization Quality Improvement AFIX awards

MDHHS has also announced the criteria for the 2016 Immunization Quality Improvement AFIX awards. Practices in Michigan that meet or exceed the criteria will receive an award at the 2016 Michigan Regional Immunization Conferences. The data will be retrieved from MCIR in July 2016. 

Does your practice meet the attached criteria for recognition? If yes, congratulations!  If not, or you are not sure, and would like additional information about increasing immunization coverage levels; please complete this information to schedule a Classic AFIX meeting for your practice.