Newly-Elected House Members Attend MAFP Board Meeting


January 21, the MAFP Board of Directors welcomed special guests Rep. John Bizon, MD (R-Battle Creek) and Rep. Ed Canfield, DO (R-Sebewaing) to the first Board meeting of 2015. Reps. Bizon and Canfield were invited to address the group about their priorities for the upcoming legislative session (see photo).

As newly-elected lawmakers (and the only physicians in the legislature), Rep. Bizon (an otolaryngologist), and Rep. Canfield (a Family Physician) spoke about their backgrounds, clinical experiences, and perspectives they each bring to the legislature. Having practiced medicine and experienced firsthand the challenges health care providers (in general) and physicians (in particular) face in the current regulatory environment, they placed emphasis on the importance these perspectives will have in informing the health care debates in Lansing. Both Rep. Bizon and Rep. Canfield were appointed to key committees with jurisdiction over health care issues.

At the Board meeting, the group engaged in open dialogue on the outlook for the 2015-16 legislature and some of the issues facing the state. These include workforce distribution, delivery system reform, Medicaid reimbursement, and physician training. For your opportunity to meet with Reps. Bizon and Canfield--and many other legislators from across the state--click here and register now for the Michigan Family Medicine Advocacy Day Feb. 24!