Student & Resident Education Committee: Committed to Future of Family Medicine


The Michigan Academy of Family Physicians Foundation is a source of support for the advancement of Family Medicine in Michigan in the areas of student and resident interests, professional development, continuing medical education, research, and public health. As the philanthropic arm of MAFP, the Foundation provides funding and support for initiatives and programs that have far-reaching goals and implications for the future of Family Medicine.

One segment of Foundation work falls to the Student/Resident Education Committee. The committee is made up of Family Physicians, residents and students who meet quarterly to propose and discuss strategies to benefit students and residents who are interested in Family Medicine. Goals of the committee are to attract and retain medical students to the specialty, to support innovation and collaboration amongst residency programs, and to raise awareness of Family Medicine amongst the public and other stakeholders.

On February 16, the committee met for the first time in 2015 to discuss the upcoming year of programming. Following the successful launch of the Michigan Future of Family Medicine Conference (November 1, 2014, in East Lansing), the committee recommended making this an annual event and began planning for 2015. Some of the exciting opportunities planned include meetings with residency faculty and recruitment staff, hands-on procedures workshops, and sessions that look at a variety of topics such as managing student loans and life after residency.

Also discussed at the meeting were the first-ever Michigan Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Leadership Training Summit (April 18 at MAFP Headquarters), opportunities for students and residents at the 2015 Michigan Family Medicine Annual Conference & Expo (July 23-26 at the Grand Traverse Resort), and representation at the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students (July 30-August 1 in Kansas City).

The MAFP Foundation Student/Resident Education Committee is comprised of nine MAFP members who come from all areas of Family Medicine including physicians, residents, and medical students. If you would like to learn more about the committee, or volunteer for one of the committee seats for the 2015-2016 cycle, please visit

Special thanks to 2014-2015 Committee Members: Dr. Pierre Morris (Chair, MAFP Vice President), Dr. Margit Chadwell (Vice Chair), Dr. William Gifford, Dr. Mark Hamed, Dr. Christine Medaugh (Resident, Midland Family Medicine Residency), Dr. Karen Mitchell, Dr. Nicole Robertson, Phillip So (Student, Wayne State University), and Dr. Leanne Swiderski (Resident, Oakwood-Annapolis Family Medicine Residency).